Stay Present

IRIE Tulum delivers our buyers the magical wonders that Tulum has to offer, while delivering our owners a strong investment return.

Tulum is all about good vibes. We are all about good returns.

Our strong business plan ensures each buyer a healthy investment posture, supported by first class administration of the property.
We understand to deliver great returns to owners, guests of the property have to be delivered a first-rate guest experience.
IRIE is designed specifically to deliver each guest a memorable experience.

Stay Present

An oasis in the middle of the jungle with impressive attractions, an archaeological zone, the best boutique hotels and 3.5 kilometers from the best beaches in the Mexican Caribbean.

Unmatched views of the Caribbean Sea and the special touch in everything with local ingredients, the best beach clubs have made it a dream place.

Tulum's gastronomic scene is among the best in Mexico with Michelin-stars restaurants and all the world's cuisines, the best place for a foodie in the entire Riviera Maya.



  • Pool
  • A/C
  • Gym
  • Yoga
  • Restaurant
  • Elevator
  • Concierge 24h
  • Security 24h


  • Room networked telephones to communicate with front desk, maintenance, room service, concierge.
  • Soundproof walls
  • Lockoff system in apartments to maximize revenue
  • Hard wired WIFI throughout building with networked access points to increase speed and connectivity in all parts of property
  • Hot water recirculation system for instant hot water
  • Card system for energy controls (Reports show it reduces power bill by 30-40% in hotel properties 110v Mini split inverters (more expensive units but much more energy efficient to reduce energy costs)
  • 9mm glass and 4cm aluminium profile facing all common areas in all condos to reduce noise and also for energy reduction
  • Pluvial system to collect rain water to use for common areas, i.e. pool to reduce cost of water for common areas and emphasize better conservation.
  • Duo system of underground well/city water cistern system to eliminate risk of CAPA not delivering water and the property being out of water. Also to eliminate dirty water in the property from the well after it rains, which is very common. It is obviously expensive to build two different systems for one resource. The system allows us to turn a switch to control where the water comes from.
  • Solar powered hot water system to eliminate risk of cold water in blackouts and to reduce electric costs powering hot water.


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